My Song is Dubstep ("Laguku Dubstep" Bootleg)

by Kurorak

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HI I'M STILL HERE i just can't get out anything for january sobs orz

I found out about this song a few weeks or so ago. It's pretty meh especially since it's supposed to be a local pop song (who gives the pan effect to the bass/synth pads??), and it's literally a kid singing about wanting to sing to dubstep songs or something. It was 2014. Future bass was in, or so I think. So I made a [sloppy] future bass bootleg of it.

This isn't meant to be a serious project. I finished it within like, 2 days. I have more serious projects in the works. So keep a lookout!

Please enjoy!


released February 17, 2016




Kurorak Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi! I'm Kurorak. I make music as a hobby. Some tracks can be all over the place, so keep an eye out!

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